Surviving Water Damage From A Flood In Your Home

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Damage to your carpet from water is usually unavoidable following a flood or fire, and a skillful restoration specialist is often required in an effort to eliminate the water damage and resulting mold and help restore your home to its original, beautiful condition.  Rug water damage and mold is often a issue that more often than not we don’t foresee, but that we should repair following a leak, soon after spilling liquids on the carpeting, or perhaps following a flood.

It is common for the backing of the carpet, after being exposed to water, to weaken, crumble and eventually break apart. Solutions for the management associated with rug water damage along with mold depends upon the seriousness of the situation at hand. If you want to return your home it its pre-flood state then the proper sanitation procedures and clean up of the water damage is necessary. Unless you are taking care of the main problem which is the source of water damage carpet repair and the clean up procedures are rendered useless.

When we talk of carpet water damage clean up we are referring to the cleansing of the dirt which is a byproduct of the flood, in addition to the complete restoration of the carpets, upholstery and any other flooring surfaces such as wood flooring. Homeowners often feel that it is essential to tear out all carpeting and replace it in order to avoid the inevitable which is the development of mold beneath the carpet. It undoubtedly can be true that leaving carpet within a damp room will lead to the slow rise in germs which can result in disease.

 As mentioned above it is extremely crucial to determine the origin of the water leak to assess whether complete recovery is possible. There are a number of choices you have as far as rug cleaning goes following water damage however, the cleanup process is not easy. In a small percentage of the cases rug cleaning will not be sufficient and it is necessary to completely remove the carpeting.

The most efficient method of carpet cleaning is done with a truck-mounted, hot water extraction machine which forces hot water into the damaged carpet under very high pressure and then suctions it back along with all the dirt for it’s disposal. Most of the reputable carpet manufacturers recommend the hot water extraction method because it is the most efficient and most complete system available. It is imperative that you initiate the cleaning process immediately after the damage in an effort to salvage the carpet.

Water damage to your carpets has the potential to drive you crazy because of the overwhelmed felling you have after the incident. Carpet and wood flooring surfaces are affected more from water damage than virtually all other appliances and furnishings in your home. It is recommended that you consult with water damage restoration professionals because they are extremely experienced in catastrophic events such as a flood in your home. Oftentimes with a substantial amount of water damage and dirt accumulation you may have to replace the carpet. The good news is that many of the companies that specialize in water damage restoration are available 24 hours a day, seven days a weak and can be depended upon in case of these unforeseen emergencies.


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