Retail Cleaning

“Retail is detail” so the saying goes.

I agree.

And when it comes to retail cleaning it’s even more so.

Where retail is detail, retail cleaning is marketing!

Go into any high end retail establishment and you’ll notice that their premises are immaculate. Their fixtures sparkle, their windows gleam, not a smear or a speck anywhere.

That type of look takes a lot of effort, but boy is it worth it.

We have years of experience in creating that glossy, squeaky clean environment, and we can do the same for you.

Over the years we have developed extensive check lists to ensure that nothing is missed or forgotten, as one mediocre area can bring all the hard effort in all the other areas down.

Retailers constantly test different layouts, different music, and different stock to maximise their profit. But one thing has always remained consistent.

If you want to maximise the shopping experience of your customers and entice them to stay in your store longer, and spend more money, then you need to have an ultra clean  premises.

Our retail cleaning services can do just that for you. We offer an extensive list of services and you can be assured that we follow our check lists religiously to ensure that nothing is missed, and just like Santa, we check our lists twice.

Give Pete a call today, and give your profits a boost tomorrow. You can catch him on 07795 530067.